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  • Omda DMAX

      -Name in game: omda_DMAX
      -Name in discord: si omda DMAX#0001
      -Level : 19 ( i was 25 because my account was stollen )
      -Why i want to be leader of lspd : to protect my contry from enemys and terrorist
      Factions i joined ( confirmed by cap ) : lspd ( rank 6 = leader ) / lsfmd ( rank 5 + leader flag ) / army ( rank 3 ) / F.B.I ( rank 2 ) / san news ( rank 5 + leader flag ) / sfpd ( rank 2 ) / sfmd ( rank 0 )
      My backstory:
      Esmi omda dmax 19 ans jay min 3ila metkawna men omi wbaba wzouz khwety. Fi nhar men nharat wa9t 3omri 14 sne mchit na9ra wki rawa7t nel9a darna magtoula bel kartouch wdam fi kol blasa. Sma3t min wled 7oumty eli ja l7akem wel mo5abrat ( fbi ) fi modahma amniya wgtalhom b7okm baba z3im mta3 chabaka mta3 kontra tonchet bin kol min mdinet los santos w las venturas w san fierro. Atheka 3lech tlabt mil 3anser mta3 elkontra mich ylawjou 3ali hadou 3ala darna wgetlohom wfil lekher 3raft chkonhom wfi wa7da min lyali hadina 3ala dyarhom wgetlnahom homa w3yalethom. Mazelt ltaw ched el boghdh 3ala 7okem mdinet los santos khater khasrouni fi 3ayetly w7ermouni menhom.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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